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Markets Look Forward

Apr 3, 202027 minutes

As I am taping Friday morning a short while into the final market session of the week, the market is nearly flat on the week (modestly down at this point). That came with a big move up Monday, a modest move down Tuesday, a huge move down Wednesday, a decent move up Thursday, and so far, early on Friday, a “flattish” day (though off a bit – again, moving as I type).

Note the theme? A “flat” week in markets, but with huge volatility day by day by day.

Why did markets go up 500 points the day the worst jobless claims data in history came out? Why did markets not tank on the news of the worst unemployment data in ten years? Because markets do not go down on news they already knew was coming. Period. I am confused by media and financial professionals who do not seem to understand this, but I take seriously my obligation to help you, readers of Dividend Cafe, understand this.

Because markets are “discounting mechanisms,” pricing in today what they believe about tomorrow, “good news” cannot make markets rally unless it was not already expected, and “bad news” cannot make markets drop unless it, too, was not expected.

And if you know someone who has not known that in the midst of this national shutdown, that jobs data was not atrociously bad, I really don’t know what to say. The key, my friends, is where we go from here, and that itself is riddled with uncertainty. So let’s unpack as much uncertainty as we can, and jump into a fruitful and useful Dividend Cafe.

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No Time For Politics

Mar 26, 202027 minutes

Fiscal Stimulus Bazooka Has Now Gone Nuclear

Mar 23, 202013 minutes

The Realities of the Market Moves that Matter

Mar 20, 202012 minutes

Could It Be the Bottom?

Mar 13, 202028 minutes

A Rollercoaster is Better Than A Slide

Mar 6, 202024 minutes

Bring Out Your Dead!

Mar 4, 202022 minutes

A Wicked Week It Was

Feb 28, 2020

A Short Market Week But Not a Boring One!

Feb 21, 202012 minutes

Looking Beyond One Week

Feb 14, 202019 minutes


Feb 7, 2020

A Resilient Investor vs. A Resilient Market

Feb 7, 202017 minutes

The Volatility Virus and Cure

Jan 31, 202024 minutes

Politics Played A Role in Portfolios

Jan 24, 202020 minutes

National Resilience Extends to Markets

Jan 10, 202026 minutes

A Present Under Every Investor's Tree

Dec 20, 201926 minutes

Tweeting The Market Higher

Dec 13, 2019

The Ups and Downs of the Market This Week

Dec 6, 201924 minutes

Happy Thanksgiving! - 2019

Nov 27, 201913 minutes

Did Someone Say Trade Deal?

Nov 22, 201914 minutes

The Worldview of Emerging Markets

Nov 19, 201953 minutes

There's Reason for an Optimistic Outlook

Nov 15, 201925 minutes

All-Time Highs and Trading Away the Tariffs

Nov 8, 201915 minutes

New York Annual Due Diligence Takeaways

Nov 5, 2019

TBG Investment Committee - NYC Trip - with David Bahnsen, Brian Szytel, and Deiya Pernas

The Fed Delivers as Promised

Nov 1, 2019

Three Time's A Charm

Politics, Policy, and your Portfolio

Oct 25, 201915 minutes

A Week of Boredom for Some, Not for Others

An Economic Lesson For The Short Term with Long Term Implications

Oct 18, 201919 minutes

US and China play Let's Make A Deal as Earnings Report

The Financial Implications of Winning or Losing the Trade War

Oct 16, 201954 minutes

Downloading The Trade War "Deal".

High Drama as Trade Talks Continue

Oct 11, 201920 minutes

Markets Await Trade News as Earnings Season Kicks Off

Earnings Season Expectations

Oct 9, 201956 minutes

TBG Investment Committee Speaks

It's the Economy, Stupid

Oct 4, 201919 minutes

Impeachment is driving the news cycle. What do markets think?

The Most Political Dividend Cafe Ever

Sep 27, 201926 minutes

Just in case you were under a rock for the last week...

Index Funds as Weapons of Mass Destruction

Sep 25, 201958 minutes

TBG Investment Committee Conversation 9/24/19

The FED did What??

Sep 20, 201920 minutes

Powell Presents, Trump Tweets

Is The Trade War Really Over?

Sep 13, 201921 minutes

The Markets Have Corrected...but why?

Not All Portfolios Are Created Equal - TBG Investment Committee Speaks

Sep 11, 201940 minutes

Strategic Versus Tactical Asset Allocation Strategies

Dividend Cafe Meets The Bahnsen Group Investment Committee

Sep 6, 201938 minutes

TBG Investment Committee tackles the Dividend Cafe Commentary

Much Ado About Much

Aug 30, 201930 minutes

Investment Committee - August 28, 2019

Aug 29, 201955 minutes

Crazy World, Crazy Market - August 22, 2019

Aug 23, 201926 minutes

The Dividend Cafe Meets the Fiscal Feminist

Aug 21, 2019

Kimberlee Davis speaks with David L. Bahnsen

The Dividend Cafe Meets the Fiscal Feminist

Aug 21, 201946 minutes

David L. Bahnsen and Kimberlee Davis of the The Bahnsen Group

Are We Going Into a Recession?

Aug 19, 201918 minutes

Negative Interest Rates, Inverted Yields, Trade at War

It's Been One Crazy Week in the Markets

Aug 15, 201916 minutes

Trump and Volatility

Aug 14, 201955 minutes

Down, Up, and Down Again

When An EasyTrade War Blows Up in your Face

Aug 9, 201919 minutes

Trade Wars Not So Easy to Win for Investors

Aug 5, 201958 minutes

Trump and Trade Again...and Again

Aug 2, 201931 minutes

Things are all a Twitter

A Hearing on Spending and Recessions

Jul 26, 201925 minutes

Muted Market on Mueller Testimony

When Doves Cry

Jul 19, 201917 minutes

The Fed Remains Dovish, Pensions Struggle, The Yield Curves

The Markets are Happy and Well "Fed"

Jul 12, 201920 minutes

The Fed, Interest Rates, Recession Watch and More

Freedom Tree Planted in the Soil of Ideas

Jul 2, 201921 minutes

Trade Truce, Fed Actions, The 4th of July

“Oh no! We’re at an all-time high!”

Jun 28, 201917 minutes

Making Sense of All-Time High Phobia

Stocks Vs Bonds

Jun 21, 201917 minutes

An Economic Battle For The Ages

Four Negative Weeks end with Best Week of the Year

Jun 14, 201915 minutes

Setting Sights on a Recession?

The New Narrative: A Fed Put vs. A Trump Call

Jun 7, 201920 minutes

Mexico Joins The Tariff Targeted

Something is Wrong With The Guacamole

Jun 6, 201923 minutes

Mr Tariff Man Strikes Again

No Deal, No Relief

May 31, 201912 minutes

The Collapse of Global Trade

Human Nature and Twenty More Years of Debt

May 24, 201919 minutes

Thoughts on Financial Advice and Government Debt

Trade Talks Leaving Fewer Options

May 17, 201920 minutes

Will China Balk or Throw a Curve Ball

Special Edition - A China Trade War Update

May 14, 201928 minutes

Understanding what exactly is going on, and why

Trade Teetering by a Tweet

May 10, 20196 minutes

Part 7: Special Podcast Series: Conclusion The Case For Dividend Growth

May 2, 201911 minutes

Investing in a Post-Crisis World

Part 6: Special Podcast Series: Chapters 9 & 10 The Case For Dividend Growth

May 2, 201923 minutes

Investing in a Post-Crisis World

Earnings Season Provides Some Gifts

Apr 26, 201917 minutes

Dividend Growth Philosophy is Forever

Part 5: Special Podcast Series: Chapters 7 & 8 The Case For Dividend Growth

Apr 23, 201920 minutes

Investing in a Post-Crisis World

Getting the Growth Story Right

Apr 18, 201915 minutes

Digging into the nitty gritty of the world economy

Part 4: Special Podcast Series: Chapters 5 & 6 The Case For Dividend Growth

Apr 17, 201918 minutes

Investing in a Post-Crisis World

Part 3: Special Podcast Series: Chapters 3 & 4 The Case For Dividend Growth

Apr 15, 201920 minutes

Investing in a Post-Crisis World

Earnings and Dividends Are All The Buzz

Apr 12, 201911 minutes

Mother's Milk of Investing Season

Part 2: Special Podcast Series: Chapters 1 & 2 Special Series: The Case For Dividend Growth

Apr 12, 201919 minutes

Investing in a Post-Crisis World

Part 1: Special Podcast Series: Introduction - The Case For Dividend Growth

Apr 9, 201913 minutes

Investing in a Post-Crisis World

Q2 Picks Up Where Q1 Left Off

Apr 5, 201919 minutes

The markets are responding to a healthy economy

Colluding with The Yield Curve

Mar 29, 201915 minutes

Mueller Report is a Market Dud

Mueller Report A Market Dud

Mar 28, 201923 minutes

Administration Claims Victory

Bearish Fears vs Fear of Missing Out

Mar 22, 201915 minutes

We do not have to pick between fear of decline and fear of missing out

Putting the Puzzle Pieces of the US Economy Together

Mar 15, 201922 minutes

How All the Things Connect: Evaluating this Economy Now

What To Make of Earnings Growth?

Mar 8, 201918 minutes

Earnings Get Questioned and Europe Gets Desperate

A Tax Like No Other

Mar 7, 201910 minutes

The Financial Transaction Tax

Inflating Your Portfolio

Mar 1, 201915 minutes

Inflation can Inflate Problems and Solutions

An Involved Look at Inflation

Mar 1, 201916 minutes

Behaving Thyself

Feb 22, 201918 minutes

The Behavioral Realities of Investing

Excited About Dividends

Feb 15, 201915 minutes

Before you get excited, get more excited

Bottom-up vs. Top-Down Investing

Feb 8, 201913 minutes

Macro and Micro Market Influences

What the Recent Federal Reserve Reversal Really Means

Feb 1, 201916 minutes

When A Pause Causes a Party

The Fed Waves the White Flag and Markets Throw a Party, Part 227

Feb 1, 201917 minutes

They Blinked and Saw The Light

What to Watch in the U.S. and China

Jan 25, 201918 minutes

The Trade War and Credit Conditions Affect Both Economies

Market Optimism, Brexit, and Freedom

Jan 18, 201922 minutes

Unpredictable Sentiments Moving Markets on a Dime

Our 2019 Perspective: Making Sense of 2018, and Previewing the Year Ahead

Jan 11, 201948 minutes

Market Epicurean - Special Edition

Investors Don’t Want Safety, They Want the Illusion of Safety

Jan 11, 201912 minutes

Record Number of Bonds Just Above Junk Status

Dividend Cafe - Happy New Year Edition 2019

Jan 4, 201913 minutes

The Market Continues to Move and Shake

What Do These Record Highs and Volatile Lows Mean?

Dec 28, 201820 minutes

A Santa That Can't Make Up His Mind

A December to Remember

Dec 28, 201812 minutes

Volatility, Meet Valuation

The Fed Tightens Things Once Again

Dec 21, 201813 minutes

The Fed's Stocking Full of Coal

A Lesson About Quantitative "Tightening" We Must All Learn

Dec 21, 201810 minutes

Weathering Volatility with an Understanding of the Fed's Moves

God Grant Me The Serenity

Dec 14, 201819 minutes

The Serenity Market Prayer

What is Causing Business Confidence to Wane?

Dec 12, 201820 minutes

Market Uncertainties Abound Amidst GDP Numbers

The Market Bloodbath Explained

Dec 6, 201814 minutes

Mr. Market Doesn't Like Mr. Tariff

Mr. Market Doesn't Like Mr. Tariff

Dec 6, 201816 minutes

Volatility Amid Uncertainty

What Should The Fed Be Doing

Nov 30, 201813 minutes

The Fed's Relevance In The Present Market Turmoil

This Oily China Problem

Nov 16, 201817 minutes

The New Normal: Directionless Range-Bound

Markets Love Midterms

Nov 9, 201810 minutes

To What Do We Owe This Rally?

A Midterm of Consensus

Nov 9, 201817 minutes

Election Results in Interesting Market Moves

Farewell October: Markets, MidTerms, and Trade Wars

Nov 2, 201814 minutes

"Never Take Cooking Advice from a Waiter"

The Most Important Part of the GDP and It's Very Low

Nov 2, 201820 minutes

Farewell October: Markets, MidTerms, and Trade Wars

What To Make of This Market Correction

Oct 26, 201816 minutes

US Normalization not in line with Global Markets

Market Curiosity Peaks as Volatility Adds Tension

Oct 19, 201812 minutes

The Speed Of Interest Rate Hikes Add Jitters

Markets Meet Gravity

Oct 11, 201813 minutes

The Shift From Growth to Value Launched This Week

Inflation Rate Scare, or a Non-Corroborated Story?

Oct 5, 201810 minutes

O Canada, and other Stuff

What Is the Fed Worried About? Just About Everything.

Sep 28, 201814 minutes

The worrisome Fed fears are unwarranted

Did TARP REALLY Save the Stock Market in 2008 ??

Sep 26, 201822 minutes

It was a 20% move after TARP, remember which way?

A World Traveling Investor

Sep 21, 201817 minutes

This week we look at the wisdom of global diversification, Japan, Politics & Money, Muni Bonds

The Fed's "Alphabet Soup" of Facilities May Be Folly

Sep 21, 201815 minutes

Should you be "Fed" Up?

The Month I Could Never Forget: A Not-So Happy Anniversary

Sep 15, 201813 minutes

Events surrounding and leading to the financial crisis of 2008

One Decade Is Not Like The Rest

Sep 14, 201814 minutes

An Anniversary of Two of The Most Ghastly Events in American History

Actively Clarifying What Has Passively Become Silly

Sep 7, 201816 minutes

CIO David Bahnsen covers a variety of topics relevant to financial markets

Putting the Passive Debate to Pasture

Sep 4, 201818 minutes

Active versus Passive Investing is a nuanced conversation

There’s Never Been a Recession When Profits Were Growing

Aug 31, 201814 minutes

Is The Fed Cooking Up a Recipe for A Recession?

A Recipe for a Recession

Aug 31, 201813 minutes

Reasons for and against the economy moving into a recession.

What Is The Big Story in Markets Right Now?

Aug 24, 201810 minutes

hint: It's not the Whitehouse,or the DOJ, or the Mueller investigation

Central Bankers Unite, Politicians Face Fright

Aug 24, 201814 minutes

The Markets Don't Budge at Trump's Troubles

Global Tensions Ripple Through World Markets

Aug 17, 201814 minutes

Unpacking this weeks zigs and zags in the market

Emerging Markets: "Back the truck up"

Aug 17, 201810 minutes

A contrarian take, in light of the current negative environment

Stock Buybacks Are Not the Enemy of Prosperity

Aug 10, 201817 minutes

A look at stock buybacks in light of recent criticisms in the news

Focus On The Fed

Aug 3, 201812 minutes

What is the Fed's proper role in the current economy?

Trading Earnings for Tariffs

Aug 3, 201812 minutes

Is The Bull Coming Back?

Jul 26, 201811 minutes

More Tax Reform Coming

Dividend Investing - It's What We Do!

Jul 20, 201819 minutes

Are you money “smart?”

The Easy Path is Ending

Jul 19, 201813 minutes

Are You Money "Smart?"

Recapping The First Half Of 2018

Jul 13, 201824 minutes

A surreal beginning to the year

A Sigh of Relief

Jul 13, 201819 minutes

Markets went into rally mode this week as trade fears quieted down

Trumpian Tariff Tango

Jul 6, 201812 minutes

Trade, new tariffs placed on China, emerging markets and more

One T Giveth, and the Other T Taketh Away

Jun 29, 201815 minutes

Markets continue to respond to trade actions and rhetoric

Why Are Markets "Running In Place"

Jun 28, 201818 minutes

Tax reform meets expectations, trade policy needs improvement

The War Between Tax Reform and Tariffs

Jun 22, 201815 minutes

Strong economic news, apart from this unforced trade war error

Tax Reform Giveth And Tariffs Taketh Away

Jun 21, 201810 minutes

Tariffs at War with Tax Reform

The Fed, North Korea, and Stuff the Market Cares About

Jun 15, 201813 minutes

Our take on why and on what markets do care about

Dividend Investing: An Antidote For "Short-termism"

Jun 14, 201816 minutes

Dividend investing as a measure of the long-term health of companies

The Thing Causing Tension For Investors

Jun 8, 201812 minutes

Forces pulling the market right now are neither bullish nor bearish; rather, they are both

Italy, The EU, and U.S. Markets

Jun 1, 201818 minutes

A Look At Political and Economic Problems in Italy

What American Investors Need To Know About Italy

May 31, 201825 minutes

A Look At Market Disruptions Emanating From Italy & The EU

More Financial Food For Thought

May 25, 201817 minutes

A bit of Econ 101, a bit of politics, and a bit of energy

A Special Conversation With Ron Baron of Baron Capital

May 23, 201854 minutes

This week Ron Baron stopped by to talk about his personal story and his investing philosophy

Capex And The Continuation Of This Bull Market

May 18, 201819 minutes

Why we believe Capex will lead to a new inning in this Bull Market

The New Normal Looks Like The Old Normal

May 18, 201815 minutes

The stock market has been directionless over a month, but quite volatile in between

Taking a Stand On Interest Rates

May 11, 201816 minutes

We offer our view of day to day market fluctuations and much more

Are Markets Aware Of This Positive Earnings Season?

May 4, 201815 minutes

Focusing on fundamentals, not short-term noise

Unpacking the Market's Reaction to a Positive Earnings Season

May 4, 201816 minutes

Exploring markets recent reactions to positive fundamentals

Interest Rates and the Stock Market

Apr 27, 201811 minutes

The impact of interest rates on the stock market

The Tug o' War Between Earnings and Bond Yields

Apr 27, 201810 minutes

Positive earnings results, higher bond yields, & enhanced volatility

In Defense of Market Bulls

Apr 20, 201813 minutes

The week in the markets and an apologetic for current market bulls.

Understanding Trade Deficits

Apr 20, 201815 minutes

We take a deeper look at trade and its effect on markets

Market Volatility and YOU

Apr 14, 201816 minutes

Investor Behavior and Market Volatility

Big Tech Special

Apr 11, 201819 minutes

Current Socio-political environment and its effect on tech companies

The Week that Wasn't Sure of Itself

Apr 8, 201813 minutes

David Bahnsen covers a wild markets week.

Q1 2018 in the Markets - A Tale of Two Cities

Apr 6, 201821 minutes

This week David Bahnsen looks back at a volatile Q1 in markets.

Recapping Q1 2018 & March's Market Movers

Mar 29, 20189 minutes

David Bahnsen Covers the market movers of Q1 2018

Making History in Markets

Mar 27, 201825 minutes

David L. Bahnsen recaps the historical market moments of 2018

The Surprises of 2018

Mar 22, 201817 minutes

David L. Bahnsen covers the investing surprises of 2018

David and Kimberlee talk Fiduciary, Finance, and the Fiscal Feminist

Mar 21, 201843 minutes

Investment talk and everything in between

Larry Kudlow, March Madness, and More!

Mar 15, 201811 minutes

David L. Bahnsen covers the week in markets and politics

An Interview with Vontobel's Peter Newell

Mar 13, 201840 minutes

David L. Bahnsen Interview Vontobel's Peter Newell

Making Bad Policy Matter Again

Mar 9, 201815 minutes

David L. Bahnsen recaps the crazy week in markets

Trump's Terrible Tariffs

Mar 5, 201826 minutes

David L. Bahnsen Breaks Down Trump's Tariffs

Tying a Bow around the Gift of February

Mar 2, 201815 minutes

February's Fall

Recapping February in Markets

Mar 2, 201815 minutes

February - Up, Down, and All Over the Place in the Market

Reincarnated as the Bond Market

Feb 23, 201815 minutes

Recapping the role of the bond market

David & Peter Answer Listener Questions About The Bahnsen Group

Feb 16, 201842 minutes

Responding to Listener Questions

Markets Settle and Rebound

Feb 16, 201814 minutes

David Bahnsen recaps the volatile week in markets

Analyzing the Market Drop with David L. Bahnsen and Brian Szytel

Feb 9, 201834 minutes

David Bahnsen and Brian Szytel cover the week's market moves

The Week Volatility Said, "Remember Me?"

Feb 9, 201816 minutes

Recapping the timeless lesson from this week's market volatility

Let's Unpack 2018 in Markets So Far...and What to Expect Going Forward

Feb 2, 201825 minutes

CIO David L. Bahnsen recaps January's biggest market moves

So Markets CAN Move Up and Down?

Feb 2, 201814 minutes

This volatility is normal market behavior!

Stock Market Says, "What Government Shutdown?"

Jan 26, 201815 minutes

If a government shutdown doesn't hurt markets, what will?

A Conversation with Deiya and David: Investment Solutions, Trading, and More

Jan 25, 201845 minutes

Investment trends, financial analytics, and more.

The Next Move in this Market

Jan 19, 201820 minutes

David Bahnsen covers the week's market moves and our vision for investing in 2018.

All Things 2018 (with a look back at 2017)

Jan 18, 201835 minutes

Lessons learned from 2017 and our outlook for 2018

The Death of the PermaBear (Dare to Dream)

Jan 12, 201815 minutes

(plus all sorts of things that matter to you as an investor)

Mr. Bahnsen Goes to Washington

Jan 11, 201851 minutes

Policy and implications for investments in 2018

The Changing Weather of 2018

Jan 5, 201816 minutes

A look at 2018: Increased volatility, the bond market & more.

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