Crypto, Community, BFF, and Playlists

Crypto, Community, BFF, and Playlists

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Is Crypto the way forward for women investors or is it style over substance and group think? This has been on my mind lately and I can’t wait for us to dive in together!

“Fear,” “anxiety,” “inadequacy,” and “dread” are words that 47% of women with at least $25,000 of investable assets associate with financial planning. Women are less comfortable managing their retirement investments and making investment decisions than men. Only a fraction of American women (26%) is investing in the stock market. Why is this the case? Largely, it’s simply an issue of avoidance, fear of the unknown, and a long tradition of lack of financial guidance to, and discussions with, our daughters as they grow up.

Multiple studies substantiate that when women focus on investing and leave their fears and avoidance at the doorstep, they can be effective in building their wealth through investing without taking on outsized risks and trying to get rich quick.

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Kimberlee Davis

Kimberlee Davis

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